Who are the Smiley Face Commandos?

Robert Q. Witt, Joseph Platypus and William Chesternut comprise the elite military strike force known as the Smiley Face Commandos. With no apparent relation, the three men met by happenstance during a tour of duty in the Philippines. Will was a Navy SEAL, Bob was a helicopter pilot, and Joe was a simple fisherman. All of their lives they each thought they were the only one of their kind, but fate brought them together and they decided to form a crime-fighting team. They do not know why they have smiley-face heads, but their future experiences are likely to shed some light on the mystery behind their unusual appearance.

Is this a kid-friendly comic strip?

Good question. You will never find profanity or sex in a commandos comic strip, but you will see some non-gratuitous violence and read through some dark humor (related to violence or death). Smaller kids may not be able to appreciate a lot of the jokes, which is why I recommend the strip for tweens and above. If it was a movie, I would rate it PG.

Can I jump into the story at any point?

The Commandos features a continuing storyline, but it takes place within the world as we know it and the plot is not complex, so you also should be able to enjoy it no matter where you jump in.

Who is the artist/writer?

Me. Jeffrey Frame. I am a cartoonist and filmmaker living in Pensacola, Florida with my wife and three boys. I conceived of the idea of the Commandos back in high school, worked on the strips now and then over the years, and am finally putting in some serious time to tell the stories of their continuing adventures.