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Will Chesternut

William Chesternut

Will's training as a Navy SEAL gives him a serious edge in dangerous situations. He knows how to assess a threat and handle himself in a fight. His large frame may intimidate some, but he's really a softy at heart. So when he meets the little girl, Miranda, his tough-guy persona vanishes away.

Ronald Clementine

Ronald Clementine

Ronald is a disgruntled office worker who's never been particularly successful at anything. So now, instead of setting realistic goals for himself, Ronald has developed dreams of global destruction. But Ronald's clueless and needs training. Lucky for him, there's just such a man for the job... the infamous assassin Koff Eepot.

Koff Eepot

Koff Eepot

Koff is a killer-for-hire who has built a reputation for himself by using a variety of self-fashioned weapons. But his versatility shines most brightly when he shows up for a kill with no weapon at all and makes due with whatever happens to be on hand. He usually works alone, but will never turn down a job if the money is right.

Bob Q. Witt

Robert Q. Witt

A former Marines helicopter pilot, Bob is the captain of the commandos. He may not be the most level-headed of the three, but he's quick-thinking under pressure. Bob was the driving force who brought the Commandos together. He recognized their commonalities as more than just freak physical aberrations. He believed that, together, they could serve a greater good.

Joe Platypus

Joseph Platypus

At age 17, Joe saved up enough money to buy a one-way plane ticket to the other side of the world and made his home in the Philippines, were he devoted himself to fishing and living off the land as well as he could. It would be two years before he met his new friends, Bob and Will, and his life would change forever. Though he lacks the superior technical intelligence and fighting skills of the other two commandos, he has become an integral part of the team.

The Spoon Lady

The Spoon Lady

The Spoon Lady is connected up the wazoo, with ties to crime syndicates across the globe. Her origins are unknown and the products she delivers are both dangerous and highly illegal. Spoon-supplying affords her a convenient front, legitimizing her image to the authorities and allowing her to remain in the public eye without scrutiny. But weapons are her favorite dish, bringing in an enormously lucrative and steady profit.

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